Original title: S10 won on the third day! JKL Senna defeats the alpaca, Abramovich bluntly said DRX shooter is not worthy

原标题:S10赢得了第三天! JKL塞纳(SKL)击败羊驼,阿布拉莫维奇(Abramovich)直言im体育官网app说DRX射手不配

On October 5th, Beijing time, the League of Legends S10 finals broadcasted by Penguin e-sports ushered in the third match day of the group stage. In the previous two days, the performance of several LPL teams was a bit unstable. After all, there is not much experience in the competition, so the feel is relatively slow, but fortunately, the third day finally ushered in a small outbreak of LPL!


In the previous few games, SN and JDG defeated TL and RGE. The last focus of the game was between TES and DRX, with the LPL No. 1 seed on one side and the LCK No. 2 seed on the other. After successive losses, many foreign players are questioning the strength of the LPL Division 1, so this battle is very important to LPL.

在之前的几场比赛中,SN和JDG击败了TL和RGE。游戏的最后焦点是在TES和DRX之间,一侧是LPL 1号种子,另一侧是LCK 2号种子。在连续亏损之后,许多外国球员都在质疑LPL Division 1的实力,因此这场战斗对LPL非常重要。

Abramovich also started broadcasting at Penguin E-sports that night. He gave a full explanation and analysis of the game. As a former LPL top team coach, his understanding of the game is completely different from ordinary players, so many players can always hear him from different angles.




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