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Netease Sports reported on October 13:


Get in record


With a 3-0 victory over Djokovic in the French Open final, Nadal won the 20th Grand Slam title, tying the record held by Federer. Nadal’s uncle, Tony Nadal, was interviewed by Marca Radio after his nephew won the historic victory of Roland Garros. Perhaps it was a low-key character. Uncle Tony gave Federer the best reason in history. .

在法网决赛中im体育im体育手机官网手机官网以3-0击败德约科维奇的比赛中,纳达尔获得了第20项大满贯冠军,并追平了费德勒的纪录。纳达尔的叔叔托尼·纳达尔(Tony Nadal)在其侄子赢得罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)的历史性胜利后接受了马卡广播电台(Marca Radio)的采访。也许这是一个低调的角色。托尼叔叔给了费德勒历史上最好的理由。 。

"What I want to say is that the best player is still Federer, because he has more titles, more victories and more first weeks in the world. These are all important, not just the Grand Slam. Championship is an indicator." Uncle Tony’s performance, of course, everyone has their own criteria and dimensions to judge the best in history, and in terms of several indicators he proposed, Federer is indeed still in the leading position.


In terms of overall championship titles, Federer still ranks first in active service with 103 titles, not far from Connors, which has the most history, and Nadal's current total number of titles is 86. In the first week of the world, Federer currently ranks first in history at 310 weeks. Although it is likely to be surpassed by Djokovic next spring, it has a huge advantage over Nadal's 209 weeks. Of course, as early as 12 years ago, Nadal won the Olympic gold medal Federer has not yet won, but Federer's record of six year-end finals championships has been maintained, but Nadal has never won at the end of the year. So in the end who is the best in history, at least it is still unable to give a suitable answer, I am afraid that it will have to wait until Nadal, Federer and even Djokovic have retired to have a definite result.


Back to Nadal, Uncle Tony is undoubtedly the most important person in his tennis career. He has been coaching since he was a child until the beginning of 2017. He is currently focusing on working at Nadal’s online school. “It’s great to see my nephew again. Winning at the French Open, he faced a great opponent like Djokovic, played an extraordinary match, and faced such a difficult situation."

回到纳达尔,托尼叔叔无疑是他网球事业中最重要的人。他从小就一直担任教练,直到2017年初。他目前专注于在Nadal的在线学校im体育官网app工作。 “很高兴再次见到我的侄子。在法国公开赛上获胜后,他面对了像德约科维奇这样的伟大对手,打了一场非凡的比赛,并且面对如此艰难的处境。”

In addition, Uncle Tony also mentioned a detail of the French Open final. It’s the effect of closing the roof. “Many people think that Djokovic will benefit from a closed indoor environment. After all, the Serbs perform better in indoor competitions, but I told Rafa before the game that it’s better to put the roof on Close it so that the court will not be in danger of getting wet, which is actually more beneficial for clay court matches."

此外,托尼叔叔还提到了法网决赛的细节。这是关闭屋顶的效果。 “许多人认为,德约科维奇将从封闭的室内环境中受益。毕竟,塞尔维亚人在室内比赛中的表现要好一些,但是我在比赛前告诉拉法,最好将屋顶放在关闭处,这样法院就不会有被淋湿的危险,这实际上对红土比赛更有利。 。”

It is reported that Nadal has not yet decided whether he will play in the Paris Masters and the year-end finals. After winning the 13th French Open, he will rest for a few days, together with his family and coaches, to decide whether the season ends here, and focus on At the Australian Open early next year, it is estimated that Nadal will make a decision this week. The world number one Djokovic has decided to participate in the Vienna 500 indoor competition at the end of this month in order to keep his position as the number one in the world more stable and longer. At least at this stage, Nadal's participation needs are not the same as Djokovic's, although their ultimate goal is Grand Slam tournaments.


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