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   Source of manuscript: Football News




   Jiang Shenglong is an outstanding representative of Shenhua's 99/00 level. At Genbao Base, Jiang Shenglong has been partnering with Zhu Chenjie. In the 99 National Youth Team, they were also partners. When Flores coached the Shenhua team, he and Zhu Chenjie were once Shenhua's main central defender combination. In the 2019 season, he played a total of 17 times in the league and the FA Cup and scored a total of 2 goals. He played only 14 times in the league, and the number of successful high-altitude ball competitions reached 58 times, ranking among the top U23 players. In addition, he can also play as a defensive midfielder, and at the same time has a good offensive ability. Like teammate Bi Jinhao, he can rush to the front line as a "backguard swingman" at critical moments. After the end of last season, he successfully skipped to the 97 National Olympics and participated in the U23 Asian Cup with the team.


Entering the new season, Jiang Shenglong did not play a lot of time. In the first stage of 14 games, Jiang Shenglong started once and drew 0-0 with Jianye. He played for 76 minutes and played against R&F in the FA Cup match. Jiang Shenglong made his debut. Opportunity, and played the whole game, in the end, Shenhua penalty kick was eliminated by R & F.


This season, Shenhua introduced Feng Xiaoting, the former international. Qin Sheng, who has returned to Shenhua, can also play as central defender. Foreign aid Mbia’s midfielder central defender can also play. Shenhua originally included Eddie, Zhu Chenjie, Bi Jinhao, etc. Central defender, so Jiang Shenglong's position this season is more embarrassing, and he rarely gets the chance to play.


   It is reported that TEDA has already used up 5 domestic aid quotas during the winter break. Lei Tenglong, Che Shiwei, Xiao Zhi, Song Yue, and renewed Rong Hao have all used up TEDA's domestic aid quotas. Fortunately, the Football Association also stipulated five transfer forms that do not need to occupy the quota of domestic aid. One of them is the introduction of U21 players without quota restrictions, so Jiang Shenglong was loaned to TEDA by Shenhua.


Jiang Shenglong will not be alone when he goes to TEDA, because his teammate Liu Ruofan was loaned to TEDA by Shenhua at the beginning of the year. After arriving at TEDA, Liu Ruofan became the team's main force. Although he did not score and assist, Liu Ruofan is still slowly mature. Whether it was Stillik or Wang Baoshan who had finished class, they gave Liu Ruofan enough trust.


   For Jiang Shenglong himself, he also hopes to get more training opportunities. In Shenhua, he has only one appearance in the league this season. For him who is young and needs game experience to improve his personal ability, this is far from enough. Shenhua's second stage personnel will not change much, and the team is still competing for the championship, so stay in Shenhua, his There will be few chances to play. Therefore, joining TEDA is a good choice for the player himself.


Previously, Shenhua loaned Zhou Junchen to Qingdao Huanghai. Zhou Junchen played well this season. His ability to get the opportunity to play has quickly improved. The head coach Wu Jingui also praised him. Liu Ruofan also got a lot of playing opportunities in TEDA. When Jiang Shenglong goes to TEDA, the chances of the game will increase.


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